Tips for trips around the chateau

Chateau Liteň is located in a charming and unique landscape of the Český kras. Here you will find a varied landscape offering fascinating insight into the karst canyons and the longest cave system in the Czech Republic. Worth seeing is primarily Koněprusy or limestone rock Budňanská. Český kras offers a great place to unwind and relax from our hectic everyday life.

For historical monuments located around the castle Liteň is the most important Gothic castle Karlštejn, which is among the most visited castle in the Czech Republic and around which there are many nature trails.


History of the chateau Liteň

The first mention of the fortress in Liteň facility can be found in the early 15th century, which mentions two fortresses - Mladotovská, which has not survived, and Vladeck fortress, which was just in the second half of the 17th century into a baroque castle. Over time, the estate became one of the most successful in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

During the 2nd World War, the castle area was under German rule after its completion later in the hands of the Red Army. In 1948, the entire area along with adjoining land was nationalized and subsequently used as a state farm and construction school. After the fall of communism he was restituted in very bad condition Daubkových family.


Charitable activities the Chateau Liteň

An important part of our work is charity. Among the main activities of the sister non-profit organization Zámek Liteň, z.s. are the renewal of musical and cultural life in the castle grounds in Liteň, support of creative activities for young artists across artistic genres and preservation of the cultural richness of the castle grounds.

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